Principal Message


Lord the giver of all good things. We place before you our humble offering of aspiration, thoughts and emotions. Bless our efforts & Inspire our minds for great deeds.


As I start writing this message, I feel, there is no debating the fact that education, to be complete, should not remain confined to the four walls of the classroom. It must not focus upon intellectual growth of an individual but encompass the total & Wholesome development of one's personality also. To dispel the parent's fears and to provide the right platform to their children, we at Sachet Convent cater for an atmosphere for modern educational facilities-curriculum, provisions for games and sports, art, cultural activities and so on.


Sachet Convent, Pur is a place where one learns about the totality and wholesome of life. We word at "PANCHMUKI SHIKSHA" (five fold education - Physical, practical, aesthetic, moral and intellectual). According to Vedanta philosophy human begins are multi-plane configurations. They live simultaneously in physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual plans. Hence, the aim of education is development of body, mind and soul.


Mrs. Asha Yadav




























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