General Rules

Students and parents are required to read, understand and abide by the school rules in all respect as they are undated time to time. In all the matters of dispute, the deacons of Principal will be binding on the parents/guardian.

Other Provisions


The Parents/guardian will authorize the Principal and through her the staff of the school to act as local parent of their ward(s) while they are at school or on tours etc.

 On behalf of parents/guardian, the Principal is authorized to take necessary action in case of emergency or any other such situations where parents permission is needed but can not be obtained in time.

Parents/guardian are not allowed to meet teachers or their children/wards during class hours.

At least 75% attendance is compulsory in an academic session for every student. Parents must send leave application if the child is absent/ill.

In case of absence for 6 days without leave application the name of the student will be struck off from the rolls and parents would have to seek re-admission after paying requisite charges.

Students are supposed to follow dress code of the school.

Students are not allowed to bring cash or any expensive item in school premises.

The parents/guardian will hold the school indemnified against all claims arising out of the acts of illness, accident or any other cause.

Leaving school without permission is strictly prohibited.

Students who fail to abide by the disciplinary standards of the school will be expelled.

Any kind of damage to school property will have to be compensated by the parents of defaulting students.

In accordance with the rules parents will authorize their ward(s) to participate in compulsory activates viz. Inter-house activities, sports, games, stage activates.
































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